We have recently closed our Statutory Consultation on the proposals. The consultation period ran for six weeks from 26 October 2023 to 7 December 2023, however all consultation materials and project information, including updated site plans and the Preliminary Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) remain available to view. 

Seeking local views

We want to understand local views. That’s why we’ve undertaken extensive pre-application consultation prior to finalising our proposals.

Following feedback received during the informal consultation in 2022, as well as further technical assessments, we refined our proposals, which were subject to statutory consultation at the end of 2023. These propsoals comprise a solar farm covering 476 hectares (1175 acres) of land situated west of Camblesforth and north of Hirst Courtney in North Yorkshire, connected by an underground cable to a grid connection point at Drax National Grid substation.

The proposed development includes the installation of ground mounted solar arrays, battery energy storage system and associated development comprising grid connection infrastructure and other infrastructure integral to the construction, operation and maintenance of the development for the delivery of over 50 megawatts (MW) of electricity. 

Earlier this year, we published our Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC), which set out how, when, and where local communities could participate in the statutory consultation on our proposals, prior to an application being submitted. The SoCC can be viewed on our Documents/FAQs page.


Early 2022

Pre-planning and project inception

July 2022

Phase One informal community consultation

Autumn 2023

Phase Two statutory consultation on draft application


Application submission to the Planning Inspectorate

2024 - 2025

Examination by the Planning Inspectorate prior to recommendation to the Secretary of State

Statutory Consultation Events

We held consultation events on the following dates: 

Camblesforth Hall, Brigg Lane, Camblesforth, Selby, YO8 8HJ

  • Wednesday 8th November 2023
  • 2pm to 7pm 

Carlton Village Hall, Church Lane, Carlton, DN14 9PB 

  • Thursday 9th November 2023
  • 12pm to 5:30pm 

If you were unable to attend these events, all information presented is still available to view on this website, or the virtual consultation room.

We believe that its right that the community closest to the solar farm is able to benefit from it. In addition, we believe that the community itself is best placed to say what the community benefit should be.
If you have any thoughts on how this scheme could provide local community benefit, then
please share your ideas with us.